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I am Abdul Kalam Azad. I always have a great interest in different languages of the world that’s why I chose career in foreign languages.

I have been teaching Spanish & Japanese Language for past 12 years and English communication kills  for the past 16 years.  However, learning different foreign languages were always my interest area.

While I’m a completely lifelong learner, I have accomplished advanced competency levels in Spanish and Diploma in Japanese.

I also tried learning Russian, German and Arabic from time to time.

As far as my working experience is concerned, I have worked with approximately 15 companies and educational institutions and excelled with my all students. There were middle school students, college students, foreigners like African and Afghani stduents & some non-traditional students and corporate employees  too.

Currently, I am working as a Spanish lecturer at private Universities, undertaking corporate training, and teaching at EduLengua.com and Cleffa World Education (School of Foreign Languages). You can check my LinkedIn profile.

Although I have been connected with the foreign languages industry for nearly 15 years, I started my first blog Edulengua.com and HolaEspanola in 2023 to motivate people to learn different languages.

Well through these blogs, I share my lot of love for languages. Plus, you will definitely discover plenty of informative and storytelling the moments, the reviews, and the resources that will encourage you all to learn a new language & culture. It will surely be beneficial for both personal and professional life.

If you have any questions, you can always reach me through blog comments, email, contact form or social network messages. I’m so optimistically hoping to hear your thoughts and experiences with foreign languages. So don’t be shy or hesitate for writing to me. It’s always awesome to get some honest feedback.

Abdul Kalam Azad


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