Spanish Language Proficiency Test

Some of the most popular Spanish proficiency tests are

  • DELE: Diploma de Español como lengua Extranjera (In English, Diploma in Spanish as Foreign Language) that is issued by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education.

This Spanish certification exam adheres to the strict standard of the CEFRL—Common European Framework of Reference for Language.

Like all other tests, the DELE will put you to the test in the area of Spanish listening, speaking, reading comprehension, and written exams.

The good thing about the DELE is that while the expiry of other tests lasts for two to five years, the most, DELE, gives you a permanently valid result for a lifetime.

The test has six different versions from which you can decide at will.

For example, from level A1, A2 to B1, B2, and C1, C2.

You can choose beforehand which test you would like to take.

The Instituto Cervantes conducts the DELE Exam in India.

  • SIELE:  Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española, which is a digital Spanish proficiency test that assesses 4 language skills:
    • Reading,   2) Writing, 3) Listening and 4) Speaking

The Cervantes Institute, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Universidad de Buenos Aires, and the University of Salamanca support this international Spanish certification test.

It is a single, multilevel exam, and Spanish knowledge-level results are based on a scale of 1000 points, equivalent to the CEFRL—(Common European Framework of Reference for Language).

SIELE certifies your proficiency with 4 tests: Reading and listening comprehension, written expression and interaction, and Spoken speech and communication.

Spanish certification exam gives students education in Hispanic countries, job seekers, and employees a competitive advantage.

Thus,  It is a great asset to include in your CV. The SIELE Certificate is valid for five years.

  • ACTFL:  American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, which offers a series of proficiency tests in Spanish, ranging from Novice/Fresh to Superior levels.
  • ILR:  Interagency Language Roundtable, which offers a series of proficiency tests in Spanish, ranging from 0 (no proficiency) to 5 (native-like proficiency).
  • OPI:  Oral Proficiency Interview, which is a one-on-one interview conducted by a certified ACTFL tester to assess the speaking proficiency of the test taker.

These tests are designed to measure the ability of test taker to communicate effectively in Spanish, and they are used to determine language proficiency for academic, professional, or personal purposes.

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